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*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* Richard Armitage (8/22/1971)

“I think I’m quite uncompromising. I can’t bear bulls—-. And in a way the shyness is me protecting other people from that. I can feel that there’s an intimidation that can happen if I own my full height, and speak at my full volume. So I’ve learned over the years to just tone it all down a bit.”

Richard Armitage




I don’t know about you guys but I’m like 97% sure all of this is not only on purpose but also subconsciously and/or deliberately done to turn us on and keep us frustrated.. He is not so fucking oblivious about it as he portrays to be..

I’m 99% sure he knows exactly what he’s doing. Except the hands on the belt. I think he’s somewhat self-conscious & fidgeting is how he copes.

I agree on all counts.